NEBSA 2020
Conference Presentations


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Keynote - EBS Spectrum - The Cinderella 5G Story

NEBSA is proud to welcome Bill Chotiner as Keynote Speaker for the NEBSA 2020 Conference. Bill Chotiner currently serves as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Customer Unit Regional Carriers with Ericsson. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, networks, telecom and has been deeply involved in 5G evolution. Bill has also been working with rural areas leveraging fixed wireless access to economically reduce the national broadband divide.

Keynote Speaker: Bill Chotiner, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson North America
Moderator: Lee Solonche, Executive Director, NEBSA
Sponsored By: Views on Learning, Inc
Regulatory Update 2020 - Rulemaking Explained
The FCC has implemented the biggest changes to EBS since inception over 50 years ago. Counsel representing numerous EBS licensees will provide a summary on regulatory and legislative changes that impact current and future EBS licensees. Keeping informed on FCC policies has never been more important.
Panel: Todd Gray, Partner, Gray Miller Persh LLP and Ed Lavergne, Principal, Fish and Richardson, P.C.
Moderator: Todd Gray, NEBSA Counsel
EBS Whitespace and Auctions
How might an educator or nonprofit participate in the EBS White Space auctions and how does an FCC auction work?
Panel: Andreas Bitzarakis, Director of Broadband, Select Spectrum and Mary O'Connor, Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
Moderator: Andreas Bitzarakis, Director of Broadband, Select Spectrum
Sponsored By: Nextwave
5G Update

Standards, applications and future developments of 5G will be discussed.

Panel: Bob Finch, President, Select Spectrum and Viren Parikh, Technical Director, Ericsson
Moderator: Brenda Watt, NEBSA
Sponsored By: Fish & Richardson, P.C.
EBS Licensing and Sales Issues

As the FCC’s new rules regarding licensing are implemented, will your organization be prepared? If selling a license is under consideration, what are the pros and cons involved? What about valuation? Are there other implications?

Panel: Patrick Gossman, Deputy CIO, Wayne State University; Catharine Barrad, Office of General Counsel, California State University; Kimberly Randolph, Managing Director,
Valuation Advisory, Stout Risus Ross, LLC
Moderator: Todd Gray, Partner, Gray Miller Persh, LLP
Sponsored By: Fish & Richardson, P.C.